Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Journey Embarked....part 3

You mean, I'm in a totally different dimension far away from the one i belong?!
oh, crap.
At first blush it may seem fantastic, but then again how am i to return to my home?
Please 'orang bunian', please send me back to where i'm belong!!!

Hey, wait. I'm not done yet mighty warrior.

There! stop calling me eith that 'so wrong' name. I'm not a warrior, though.

This is the Parallel Dimension, the world of Kriduae. A dimension that runs in line, side by side, with the one you live in.

How could that be? Another dimension?

(virtual guardian)
It amuses you , doesn't it?
hehe,just admit it.
I can see your heart jumping in glee right now.
Yeah, what else can be more intriguing than travelling in different dimension.

Haaa?nonsense. You need a brain transplant, old man.
Do I look entranced to come into this dimension?
Return me to my home right now! I miss my mom, I miss my family, I miss her(eh eh)..I miss everything !

(virtual guardian)
As you wish....but..


(virtual guardian)
I'm calling you to this 'breaking the ice' ceremony is to seek for your help.
This is for the sake of our dimensions.

Huh, it sounds....ok, just tell me your request.
As long as i can go back home.

(virtual guardian)
FYI, hahaha, I'm started to like using this abbreviation!hahaha


(virtual guardian)
okay okay.Please forgive me.
For your information, our beloved King Hamuzo's heir, Princess Sierra had been kidnapped and brought to your dimension by a dark and diabolic organization called Dabule.
The are up to unlock and open the Dimension of The Forgottens, and the princess, is the only key to unleash the world!

You wouldn't want to know the catastrophe if the dimension is unlocked right...?

Okay, save me the chapter. Now, what do you want me to do?

(virtual guardian)
bring back the unlucky princess back to this dimension.

hey wait a sec.
Why dont yo go save her by yourself?

(virtual guardian)
You see, it is our Kriduaean weakness that we cannot travel to other dimension for a long period.

oh, i see!
So, what do you waiting for?
Do your job! Send me back !

(virtual guardian)
But you must remember not to put the princess in danger.

okay, got it.

(virtual guardian)

More 'but's?
You want me to park the real 'butt' on your face?!

(virtual guardian)
Hee, just kidding.Now you can go.
Along with you are some momentos from our world of Kriduae.There, in your pocket.
Just for you, mighty warrior.

Okay okay.I'll check it later.
Now just send me....


Nuya!!! It's already Asar. Go perform your prayer,NOW!!!

Nuya is awakened from his sleep by his harsh mom's voice.

It's already half-past six.

"A dream?"

~to be continued~

huh??!! this time it looks more like a drama script.duh, come on, i'm a newbie in writing short stories, so please forgive me.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Journey Embarked....part 2

Part 2: The Beckoning to the World of Kriduae

nuya   : Oh, warrior Nuya huh?!
virtual_guardian: yes, mighty warrior.You are

In return, Nuya offensively types a 'big wide laugh' with all letters in capital, intentionally to tell the stranger that he won't buy for such a joke.

nuya   : I'm not conceited enough to think that i'm not conceited, buddy
virtual_guardian : Well, that's not shocking that my first line:
                           "Welcome to the world of Kriduae, Warrior Nuya.." will not put you into believing me.

nuya   : okay,okay.Let's have an intelligent conversation. I'll talk and you listen.
            No, no,that's not correct.I'll type and you read. I must say I don't doubt ur veracity- but, then, I'm as
            big a liar as u are. You know what...


        Nuya's 'muttering' in the chat room , along with his extremely fast-keying in fingers, come to an abrupt jolt, as he gradually perceives the shocking change to his surroundings- he is no more in his dark room.
         Now instead, he is in a damn-alienated place that can only be seen in his mere phantasm!

“Where am I?!”
Nuya finds himself standing rooted on the soft bare ground, besieged by the spellbinding, extraordinary surroundings that can never be seen on Earth. The hills. Hmm.. They are not much like hills, but, I don’t know, something very rare and far- fetched. The trees too, are very funny to be described. This is a magical world of Disney!! Eh, no. It’s just a magical world, without ‘Disney’.

“Finally, it’s time to expound everything to you Warrior Nuya”, a voice suddenly comes from an old man who Nuya does not notice his presence from the beginning.

-May I know who are you old guy?
- This is the second time we meet, but this time, face to face.
-What do you mean?You are.. the virtual guardian, am I right?
-Yeah,damn I really good in guessing. So it is you then who somehow teleported me here?
-I’m afraid it’s true.We don’t have much time.Lend me your ears. I will tell you everything...

~to be continued~

my english is totally bad!!!those out there who can teach me to write well, please lend me your hand.saya budak baru belajar.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Short Glance Through Scince: Concept About Science That are Misconcepted...

It's true that theories in science were created based on the perceptions perceived by those people called scientists(other people also can make theories actually), and millions of theories were made , billions to be more precise, to toss the most brilliant ways that human can perceive and understand about phenomena occur in our surroudings.Theories cannot be overtured haphazardly,that of course, must be proven by strong researches and study about something.We do apply science theories which we learnt from school, head over heels every day, and in every aspect- but should we aware of the fact that not all theories are correct and precise?

        All theories can be considered wrong or inconceivable matter-of-factly, because there are still percentages that can proof that one's is wrong.Actually, there are some concepts theorized that were being taught to us in schools, are slightly wrong.Here is one of those......

~ Water IS blue, not just bcoz of the sky

   "Reflection of the blue colour from the sky makes lakes and seas to become blue" . hmm..this has been  answered by everyone, mostly  by the elderly, if we had the chance to ask:"Why do lakes and seas are  blue in colour?"

The truth is, the water is blue in colour intrinsically;the water molecules absorb light, and they absorb the red frequency light more than they do on blue frequency light.Consequently, the blue frequency surfaces on the surface.

The impact is slight,thus the blue frequency appears more conspicuous on the suface, which is dense enough and deep.

more misconceptions?...maybe next time(lenguh doh aku perah otak, mung dok siang ke aku??!!)..or u can juz browse thru the net..

hahehihohuhajbfuak,duke ckgrkghnlsbfrlbgurol dlbldksnauflrbgu....

Dongeng Melayu Moden

Cerita 1
Satu pagi di stesen keretapi, ada satu makcik tu dia tanya petugas
Makcik: 'Anak, keretapi sampai jam berapa??'
Petugas kaunter: 'Jam 2 Kedah, jam 5 Kelantan, jam 1 Penang, jam 7
Makcik nak pergi mana?..'
Makcik: 'Makcik nak melintas aja.'

Cerita 2

Bidin melihat rakannya, Wafdi.. sedang membuat kopi...kemudian
memasukkan sebutir ubat panadol ke dalamnya. Dengan kehairanan Bidin
bertanya kepada Wafdi...
Bidin: 'Kenapa kau masukkan panadol dalam kopi tu?'
Wafdi: 'Kopi ni panas.. bagi panadol.. kurang sikit panas dia..'

Cerita 3

Suami isteri bertengkar. Tiba-tiba isteri terus kemas beg.
Suami: 'Kenapa?'
Isteri: 'Dah kahwin 10 tahun, rumah ni tak pernah aman. Saya dah tak
tahan. Saya nak tinggalkan rumah ni!'
Suami kemudian masuk bilik dan keluarkan satu lagi beg.
Suami: 'Betul jugak cakap awak. Saya pun fed-up dengan rumah ini.
Saya ikut sama, boleh?!'

Cerita 4

Seorang pemburu bertembung dengan seekor singa. Terrperanjat, dia
tak sempat mengangkat senapangnya. Tiada pilihan, pemburu itu
bertadah tangan dan berdoa.Ketika pemburu itu menjeling ke arah
singa, dia ternampak bahawa singa itu juga sedang berdoa.
Pemburu: 'Ah leganya..... ...singa baik rupanya. Selamatlah aku.'
Singa: 'Ya.......singa yang baik selalu baca doa sebelum makan.'


Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Journey Embarked..

Part 1: The Beginning

The tapping and clicking of the keyboard reverberate hastily in the dark , dimly-lighted room that is occupied by Nuya and his precious laptop. He's really up to something today, but no, not really, he's done nothing at all - 'buzz'ing,irritating, and interrupting the other ym-ers in Yahoo Messenger with put-downs and boasts is hardly something. Lucratively, for him of course, he has an ample time to kill his upgrowing tedium by making fun of someone.

Preoccupied doing his fruitful business, he was jolted by a sudden "BUZZ!!!", buzzed by a stranger,someone that his or her ym id is not on his contact list.


virtual_guardian.Strange.Who is this guy?Nuya remembers nothing about adding this stranger into his contact list, but it's okay,let him just check it out who the stranger really is.

An instant buzz is assaulted by Nayu towards the so-called virtual guardian.

"Welcome to the virtual world of Kriduae, Warrior Nuya...", a surprising reply by the unknown guy appears on the screen.. .. ..

~to be continued~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

nothing to pen on..

hye..i'm new in blog world here..i have nothing to write for now.