Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Journey Embarked....part 3

You mean, I'm in a totally different dimension far away from the one i belong?!
oh, crap.
At first blush it may seem fantastic, but then again how am i to return to my home?
Please 'orang bunian', please send me back to where i'm belong!!!

Hey, wait. I'm not done yet mighty warrior.

There! stop calling me eith that 'so wrong' name. I'm not a warrior, though.

This is the Parallel Dimension, the world of Kriduae. A dimension that runs in line, side by side, with the one you live in.

How could that be? Another dimension?

(virtual guardian)
It amuses you , doesn't it?
hehe,just admit it.
I can see your heart jumping in glee right now.
Yeah, what else can be more intriguing than travelling in different dimension.

Haaa?nonsense. You need a brain transplant, old man.
Do I look entranced to come into this dimension?
Return me to my home right now! I miss my mom, I miss my family, I miss her(eh eh)..I miss everything !

(virtual guardian)
As you wish....but..


(virtual guardian)
I'm calling you to this 'breaking the ice' ceremony is to seek for your help.
This is for the sake of our dimensions.

Huh, it sounds....ok, just tell me your request.
As long as i can go back home.

(virtual guardian)
FYI, hahaha, I'm started to like using this abbreviation!hahaha


(virtual guardian)
okay okay.Please forgive me.
For your information, our beloved King Hamuzo's heir, Princess Sierra had been kidnapped and brought to your dimension by a dark and diabolic organization called Dabule.
The are up to unlock and open the Dimension of The Forgottens, and the princess, is the only key to unleash the world!

You wouldn't want to know the catastrophe if the dimension is unlocked right...?

Okay, save me the chapter. Now, what do you want me to do?

(virtual guardian)
bring back the unlucky princess back to this dimension.

hey wait a sec.
Why dont yo go save her by yourself?

(virtual guardian)
You see, it is our Kriduaean weakness that we cannot travel to other dimension for a long period.

oh, i see!
So, what do you waiting for?
Do your job! Send me back !

(virtual guardian)
But you must remember not to put the princess in danger.

okay, got it.

(virtual guardian)

More 'but's?
You want me to park the real 'butt' on your face?!

(virtual guardian)
Hee, just kidding.Now you can go.
Along with you are some momentos from our world of Kriduae.There, in your pocket.
Just for you, mighty warrior.

Okay okay.I'll check it later.
Now just send me....


Nuya!!! It's already Asar. Go perform your prayer,NOW!!!

Nuya is awakened from his sleep by his harsh mom's voice.

It's already half-past six.

"A dream?"

~to be continued~

huh??!! this time it looks more like a drama script.duh, come on, i'm a newbie in writing short stories, so please forgive me.